Replacing Flooring

Sometimes the most simple solution yields the most amazing results. For example, replacing flooring! If you're looking to update the style of your home without undergoing a major renovation, consider replacing your existing floors. 

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The Low-Down

Let’s be honest here, floors take a ton of wear over the years. Making an investment in new flooring can pay off. There are so many choices when considering flooring…which product is right for your home?


Hardwood flooring is a great product to invest with. Initially higher in cost to supply & install (on average, a mid-range hardwood costs $11/sq ft), the lifetime of a hardwood floor is excellent. In addition to being a timeless product that ages very well, hardwood is easy to clean & maintain. Surface damage can be repaired by replacing boards, touch up kits or sanding and refinishing. Hardwood is one of the ‘healthiest’ choices for interior flooring, as it prevents dust & allergen build up and does not off-gas.

Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank Flooring

Forget the days of ugly sheet vinyl flooring (you know, the kind that rips like paper & puckers at the seams)! Luxury Vinyl Flooring available today is durable, affordable, and, most important, stylish! There are so many options for Vinyl flooring that look strikingly like ceramic tile or hardwood. It can be installed in a variety of areas in the home due to it’s high level of performance. There are many price ranges for LVT, but the mid-to-high performing brands tend to fall in the $7-8/sq ft range.


Installing new tile flooring is a great way to make a noticeable change in the style of your home. This is especially easy to do in small areas, such as entryways and bathrooms. A mid-grade ceramic tile can cost anywhere between $12-15/sq ft. Edge2Edge Flooring also recommends installing an Anti-Fracture membrane under tile flooring to improve the longevity. If you’re feeling really fancy, consider adding a heated floor system (like Ditra Heat) when you replace your tile & keep those toes warm.


Music in the 70’s was cool & funky. Carpet from the 70’s? Not so much. Carpet is a product that shows wear & tear most prominently in the flooring family. Old stains, loose threads coming undone, discolouration, and worn-down spots are indications that your carpet should be torn up & replaced. If you’re planning on installing new carpet, go for a good quality Polyester or Branded Nylon with a good texture retention warranty. Including a new underlay (8lb or higher) is also recommended. Expect to pay about  $6 per square foot with a mid-range carpet, plus underlay cost of $0.50/sqft .

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Things to Consider


The condition of your existing baseboards should be considered before replacing flooring. How old are they, and what material are they made of? Do you want them to be reused? If you're only doing certain areas of your home, will you match new baseboards to the existing style in the rest of your home?

All these questions should be addressed before you start tearing out that Blue Shag Carpet or wild green linoleum. If your baseboards are older, they may be dry & brittle, causing them to break when removing. If they’re relatively new (5 to 10 years old), removal will likely be easier. Wood trim tends to dry out faster than MDF trim (thank our Alberta climate!), but some newer homes. MDF baseboards can come with their own issues as well. In addition to the standard pin-nail installation, some MDF baseboards are installed with glue. While carpenters glue is NOT recommended to use on MDF, some carpenters apply it to secure joints or attach baseboard in areas that are difficult to nail.

Regardless of whether your baseboards are going to be re-used or installed new, when they are nailed into place you will have holes that need to be dapped, sanded and painted. Remember to factor this cost into your budget!


Subfloors also need to be considered when replacing floors. If your subfloor is damaged (either from wear-and-tear, past moisture damage, or during the removal of existing flooring) it may need to be replaced before proceeding with the new floor installation. Allow a contingency in your budget for a new subfloor so you’re prepared for any “surprises”.

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What next?

Book an appointment with us! Edge2Edge Flooring offers free estimates and can provide insight into what products will be best for your home & lifestyle.